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Aquaman (2018)
A little bit of Jurassic park, fifth element, and Pacific rim all in one.
30 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why people are raving about this movie. Don't get me wrong it's far from bad, and it certainly isn't great by any means. The biggest problem I have with this film is Black Mantis is completely and unnecessary forced into the plot. Most of the major plot holes are around this character. First off his revenge plot is weak, could have been so much better. He and his dad murder innocent people for a living yet the story tries to make you care about his thirst for revenge. The worst though is how he is able to somehow completely (I mean completely) reengineer, reshape, and dramatically enhance technology that the Atlantians gave him and called it state of the art? Also, he must have done it near a black hole because the rest of the story progresses about a couple of days while he does it, oh and he learns how to use it to fight and fly as well. Absurd and unnecessary. Other things that bothered me were, That the comedy was forced, though not bad. Aquaman tries to stop the war by attacking and killing thousands of innocent? The army that is defending their home and don't want war? And why the "king" needs to go to war with the last kingdom before atracking the surface is beyond me, it's not like he follows the rules anyway. Finally humans are in disbelief about a possible Atlantis, yet they live in a universe where superman, wonderwoman and batman are front Page News. Stupid.
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Tin Star (2017– )
2 episodes in and I'm out.
22 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First episode is ok everything falls apart in the second episode making it too absurd to continue watching this turd.

First of all, the evil oil Corp, we are going to murder people who are against us plot. Don't know why they care, the permits to build (which they are already building and shipping in workers) wouldn't rest on a small town anyway. If they had to murder everyone who was against them there would be a lot more killing.The Adams family security officer is just ridiculous as well as the oil company female executive. It's like a bizzare-o-world American-Canada.

So chiefs house gets burned and shot up. What does he do? Literally run away. Not call his deputies, or you know head into the police station. Just drives away??

A man boy pro killer shoots one shot, misses and then runs away instead of just finishing what he started??

The assassin is just over the top ridiculous with his stupid dance moves that somehow catch the daughter eye in a bar and she is instantly love struck. How convienient.

The daughter collects and continues to carry a cigarette butt from her house where she saw a strange man watching the house before it was shot up and doesnt tell her dad?

The native Americans who are always standing around with grumpy faces pointing fingers.

The gang, also from London, is able to get instant employment with the oil company and "hide out" without having to actually work because the roads are closed?? Wtf the entire town is held hostage?? Come on.

There's more garbage but I'll end with the daughter, who sneaks from the protective custody following the sound of a flute her dead brother used to play into the woods, at night, get chased, runs further into the woods and then hitches a ride with a complete stranger who just happens to be the man boy killer. Omg kill me now. No need to keep going as this series cannot recover from this mess.
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Jack Ryan (2018– )
Ryan is a bum and the story is way to PC
1 September 2018
The main character is a loser. Make up your mind Amazon is he a bad ass marine or an analyst. Guy gets his ass kicked really easy, is afraid to pull out a gun, and has really crappy aim. He survives by luck alone - boring. And are you trying to make the audience feel bad for terrorists? See their side of things or justify their cause? Sure feels like it. No culture is perfect but terrorisms is never justified.
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Batman Ninja (2018)
What a piece of trash.
14 August 2018
So bad I want to give it a negative number. It is utterly ridiculous, the story is nonsense, can't even describe the butchery of the characters, the animation is horrible.
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