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c-tallman31 August 2018
Binge Watched in one day!! Can't wait for the next season!!
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Perfect? Absolutely not. Good? Heck ya!
joshuakmaillet31 August 2018
This series won't wow you but it's got some amazing parts in it. John does a good job representing Jack. I've actually never binged an Amazon series, but slammed 4 episodes in the same day so far. Definitely worth a watch and exceeded my expectations. It's got a little Mission Impossible vibe to it that I feel falls short and may have people kind of disappointed. I wish that they'd really stuck to the original Jack Ryan vibes, but hey, it's television and this is good.
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Tom Clancy junkie; was ready to be disappointed, was happily pleased instead! *Updated!
rsvp32131 August 2018
Below is my original review, my original score was an 8, now a 9.

I've just finished ep 3, and it gets so much better than the first!

I also see the organised, predictable, fake protest reviews by new accounts have flooded in lol!

**Still no social justice driven plot, no political party targeted, no special interest group pandered to. Just awesome action, and not the usual pc bad guys being only from USA or Britain.

**Just finished the series - great finish!


I really am a Clancy junkie - read every book, quite a few twice. Everything Campus, Op Center, Power Play, Net Force, and enjoyed every movie.

With so many series/movies being ruined lately by Hollywood social and political agendas, and everything overboard pc, so far after Ep 1 I haven't seen a hint of it! I hope that continues...

Very entertaining, good plot, going to be a nail biter Season 1, I think.

Lots of potential!

I think Tom would approve of this adaptation of his iconic character.
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Gripping, intense, fantastic!
rosssander2 September 2018
Don't listen to all the negative, whiny reviews. This series is really, really good. So what if it's not exactly like the Jack Ryan in the books? Like that's something new with Hollywood adaptations? John Krasinski did a fantastic job as the main character, and he was absolutely believable as Jack Ryan. The overarching plot was interesting, gripping, and well thought out. I was so hooked I binge watched the whole season in less than 24 hours. I can only hope season 2 comes soon! Great job guys!
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I watched the whole season already
bethanybeach-799-90557931 August 2018
I enjoyed Jack Ryan so much I could not stop watching. I stayed up all night. I then had to look up when Season 2 will come out and found this sight. I had to add my comments. I am very happy to find out they are already filming the next season.
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A taut, pacy, engaging n action packed tv show. The background story of the terrorist n the drone pilot's story is something different.
Fella_shibby28 September 2018
Never read any of the books but hav seen all of the five movie adaptations. This tv show is a must watch for Ryan fans. The moment i read that Michael Bay is one of the producers, I knew that there will b good action sequences n indeed the action is intense n abundant. The series is engaging n the thrill is nail biting. The cat-and-mouse game between Ryan n Suleiman gets more engaging during the online game chat. The drone pilot's story is very thought provoking and interesting. The backstory as to why Suleiman became the man he is and his brotherly sacrifice in France is another good aspect. Thankfully the show didn't demonise any particular community n even more better is the exclusion of the stereotyped, evil portrayal of certain fellas.
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So the writing....
paulinalagudi10 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The writing is far from great. This could've been an amazing series, but instead the writing is very TV. Also, I can't with the love interest. Her acting is terrible and there is zero chemistry between them. Also, love how when they're having sex for the first time, she completely ignores his scars.
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Mildly entertaining
roydo4331 August 2018
Could have been much better. Clearly written with sympathies leaning toward the downtrodden Middle East and the against the oppressive western powers. Admiral Greer has been reduced to a weak man mourning the break up of his marriage and conflicted about his Muslim religion. NOT a Tom Clancy story by a long shot. Very PC
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Jack Ryan hijacked
samuelreeds1 September 2018
I started this series with high expectations, so I can say that this review hinges on some bias....

I grew up with Jack Ryan and an affection for this character. This character was utilized beautifully in the past, a platform that lived through Clancy to breathe issues with-in our intelligence community in a intellectual manner. On episode 3, this is not what I see.

The show exploits the 'terrorist, CIA, cat and mouse chase' we've seen time and again. The entirety of the three hours I've been thrusted into a cat and mouse chase, superficial on the surface, strictly following bank accounts and phone call signals with no developments in sight. The show portrays a new "bin laden" in our misted to justify a presence in Yemen. Experienced terrorists going so far to utilize phone encryption (even though they are somehow found consistently) and are plotting something 'big' demonstrated through their extraordinary measures they take to preserve their lives and the "plan".

I refer to "Clear and Present Danger" where the movie gave the opportunity to analyze the CIA's illegal involvement in Columbia and their role in working the Columbian Drug Cartels. I do no speak for Tom Clancy from his grave, but this is how I remembered Jack Ryan -- not through the subtext deliverance of American terror propaganda. This show practically drips with it.

Unlike it's predecessors, the show fails to account for the serious foreign policy issues today and instead justifies it through the story of impending doom and terror. This is not Jack Ryan, it's Jack Ryan hijacked.

My review is purely selfish, and all opinions are not to be taken as truth. I understand people have put their lives into creating this, but I also understand and see when a great platform Tom Clancy used to communicate problems with our military apparatus, country, in a truly altruistic manner being abused as a vehicle for propaganda.

This show does live his legacy.
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Not a Clancy Jack Ryan at all.
dkaplun1 September 2018
Instead of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, it feels like a mishmash of any current CIA shows like Homeland. Krasinski plays well as Jack Ryan but Greer is horribly butchered and made to be petty rather than a strong mentor. Other changes to his origin frankly make him more one-dimentional. Similarly Jack Ryan's love interest seems miscast also and is also not based on the Clancy description. As a Homeland clone it is okayish but as a Jack Ryan series...not so much.

There are bright moments. The adversary is interesting although his methods would not really work in that part of the world as far as a global movement is concerned. (no spoilers) as mentioned, John does a good job and the scenes of terror are legitimately terrifying.

There is a stench and a whiff of the current PC culture as some characters attempt to "whitesplain" why and how it is the Europeans and probably the Israelis who are responsible for the initial terror, which is shown as cause and effect. Luckily and fairly the actions of the adversaries are not painted in a rosy or sympathetic light.

All in all....not worth it.
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Not Jack Ryan
guy17331 August 2018
This isn't Jack Ryan and even worst the Made Admiral Greer ( and they made Greer too young to have been an admiral and a career in the CIA) look like a insecure petty man. It does the mythology of the books no justice at all. I don't think they did the characters, the fans or Tom Clancy any justice.
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Not for anyone who loves the movies ... or the books
critic_w1 September 2018
Tom Clancy's writing is extremely good. It doesn't need any of the over used plot conveniences and crutches that others depend on. This series writing is run-of-the-mill. This show uses the surprise F-bomb, or sex, or completely unnecessary character antagonisms with regularity. It's a long way to fall. If you are new to Clancy, or the action spy drama all together, you will probably enjoy this. The acting, action, and production value will carry it a long way. If you are more experienced, have seen a few Ryan movies, or Jason Borne, and you prefer to rely on script intrigue over low-hurdle formula, this will tire quickly. The profanity was especially disappointing. It's really too bad because the creators are both pretty darn good.
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Tom Clancy is rolling over in his grave.
mfredenburg1 September 2018
I have read every Tom Clancy book, as well as many of the books he co-authored.

So I was looking forward to the new Tom Clancy series on Amazon prime.

After watching two episodes I must say I am very disappointed.

The series is not reflective of Tom Clancy's views and the portrayal of Jack Ryan misses the mark.

The fatal flaw for me is that the series spends close to half of its time trying to convince us that the Muslim terrorists Jack Ryan is going after must be understood and empathized with in the context they are only fighting the West because of what evil Israel did to their loving warm families.

The two main terrorists are brothers who have banded together to fight the West when in 1983 Israeli jets bombed Palestinian positions in the mountains overlooking Beirut killing everyone in their wonderful innocent family other than themselves.

So the surviving brothers show they a warm loving relationship as they work together to make the West pay for its killing of innocents.

Further, the leader of the Islamic terrorist organization, the older brother, is a warm loving husband and father who treats his wife with respect and admiration.

Unsurprisingly, the Jack Ryan character of this Amazon Prime series eschews the harsher forms of interrogation and because he exhibits compassion and understanding is able to gain insight into the terrorist that those using the harsh interrogation techniques were unable to achieve. All he has to do gain valuable intelligence is give the terrorist mastermind some water and food and voila!

But the final straw is that Admiral James Greer, a powerful, respected and highly effective leader in the intelligence community is now been transformed into a down on his luck CIA bureaucrat trying to redeem himself. And to top it off he is no longer a Christian, but is now a Muslim surrounded by caring loving Muslims who are trying to steer him back to his beautiful faith which he is having trouble with because his Muslim wife has left him.

Folks, this has the name Tom Clancy associated with it and it has the characters with the same names as Tom Clancy characters, but you will not be watching anything remotely like what Tom Clancy wrote. Instead, you will see left-leaning scriptwriters and producers using Tom Clancy's name to misrepresent what Clancy stood for. Clancy is rolling over in his grave.
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Not Clancy at all
mrmoore013 September 2018
Its a good production. It just goes out of it's way to hit certain pseudo talking points and it becomes a caricature of itself. What it is not, is anything resembling Clancy
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Replacing Tom Clancy with really bad writers
junyo191 September 2018
To make a series based on Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan character was a really great idea. The person who bought those rights can be really proud of himself.

The people who gave this idea to these writers, however, should be drawn-and-quartered. How the hell can you give material from one of the greatest best-selling writers in the history of best-sellers to a team of people who have never written anything better than a 5th rate romance paperback.

The budget for this series was big enough to make it into something half-decent and in stead someone high-up f^$%ed up and botched the fundamentals: Story, story, story!

This series deserved better, Tom Clancy deserved better.
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Ryan is a bum and the story is way to PC
stbrads-932-4857681 September 2018
The main character is a loser. Make up your mind Amazon is he a bad ass marine or an analyst. Guy gets his ass kicked really easy, is afraid to pull out a gun, and has really crappy aim. He survives by luck alone - boring. And are you trying to make the audience feel bad for terrorists? See their side of things or justify their cause? Sure feels like it. No culture is perfect but terrorisms is never justified.
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Way off the mark for the demographic... I want my $12 back
sideshow7631 August 2018
Wow... I've been waiting months for Jack Ryan to be released as I'm a huge fan of the original movies, but I was flabbergasted by how far Amazon missed what should have been their target demographic. What was originally listed as a TV-14 rated show somehow morphed into a hard TV-MA. While the action scenes are well shot, the dialog and romance scenes appear to have been written by a 17 year old boy, with enough useless F-Bombs and unnecessary nude shots to make the watcher wonder what alternate Tom Clancy universe the writers are living in? Jack Ryan movies are supposed to be about intelligence and wit with some good old American military might mixed in, and while John Krazinski does well, the James Greer character has been hijacked by the Hollywood social justice warriors and turned into a disgruntled and uninspiring character with no leadership wisdom or charisma; ohh and I don't recall Greer being Muslim in the books. Again, not sure what alternative universe this character becomes Director of the CIA... that's going to be quite a story arch. I loved Wendell Pierce in Suits, but he is sorely miscast in the James Greer role. I gave up mid-way through episode 3 and want my $12 prime fee back (I joined just for this show... boo). Amazon is all about technology, so why don't they use that technology to give true Jack Ryan fans the version we expect, which is what they sold us in the trailers. Buy Amazon stock now, cause they're going to get a bump from the patsies they stole $12 from to watch this show, but sell it quick after their next earnings call cause the patsies will soon wise up to the scam and cancel their prime subscriptions.
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Lazy unimaginative writing filled with cliches
fallyhag7 September 2018
I am really trying to watch this but the writing is simply awful. They bend over backwards to get the story to go where they want it. Logic doesn't get in the way.

Good acting. Feel of it all is okay. Filming style is good. John K is good actor. Well cast. But he is really trying to 'polish A turd' with this one.

The single most annoying thing is the choice to pick 'Muslims' as the bad guys. Such lazy writing for a modern programme.

Overall this is simply bad. If you have half a brain cell it will be painful to watch. Nothing makes sense. Lots of luck. Cheesy coincidence. Non sensical actions. Very poor technical advice.

Not recommended if you want a real Clancy remake. Pity :(
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4 eps in and done...
musiqliblessed31 August 2018
First a disclaimer: IMDB mis-labeled the rating for this show. Listed as TV-14, when it is actually TV-MA. Had I known this I would have never watched. While my review is not solely based on the unsavory content involved in this series, it is heavily influenced by it.

Four stars for John Krasinski alone, because he's spectacular but that has little to do with this show.

Firstly, I am pretty over the whole America vs. the Middle East narrative. But, it is a reflection of current events, so I I try to be fair and give a show a chance in the event it may be focused earnestly. I didnot get far enough into the show to formulate my opinion. It seemed like they were on the path of this whole there are no good or bad guys, everyone sucks kind of narrative. The terrorists were first victims of the "good guys". The good guys are a bunch of self-righteous bigoted jerks who just so happen to be on the right side of things right now. Doesn't really leave you with anyone to root for...Jack Ryan is of course, a truly good guy, but that's seemingly it. But for the title character, I felt like I was seeing far less of him than made sense.

It becomes clear that there is a vert seedy air to this show. It's not TV-MA because of the violence. The violence is pretty PG...so far. sure enough, the first occurence. Watching two people have sex. Because that was necessary and important to the story (sarcasm). A woman disrobed with FULL back nudity, some side boob, and then the thrusting. Pointless. The fact that I have to even make the concession, 'well it was shown from the shoulders up'... I begrudgingly toss out the first red flag and carry on. Next comes an entirely graphic and TWISTED scene of two men and a woman. Everything is shown except genitalia. From start to finish, loud moaning, groping of breast, all while one of the sickly men watches. I'm not sure how it ended or if got worse (or somehow better), because I tried hitting the 10 second button THREE times, but the scene refused to end and I had to just cut it off. Not only is this sick and dark and ugly, the act of displaying this behavior is also, at it's core, entirely base and immoral. There is NO reason to depict this. It serves no purpose-it doesn't assist the plot. It can literally just be mentioned. Show the moments leading up to it, show the aftermath or talk about the aftermath, whatever. This is entirely indulgent and unnecessary. And it's minutes on the clock stolen from telling me an actual story. Minutes that I could have been watching John Kraskinski, the lead, who again, I felt was getting FAR less screen time than sensible for the title character. Glorified pornography, masked as sophisticated story-telling, is still pornography.

I waited months, months, and months for this show to arrive. To the day. I kept watching that countdown on my fire stick. And I even chose to stay up past midnight to start the journey. I was SO excited to see Krasinski revive this role. I was so excited by the incredible rating and reviews and the fact that it was renewed already, leading me to believe it was a shoe-in. And yet, instead what I got was political agenda, a humans suck narrative, and smut.

I'm all for realistic, complex characters. But there has to be something redemptive. Or at least make me laugh in the midst of all the horridness I'm seeing. Something. Otherwise, I'm just watching what I hours of depression-worthy darkness. No thanks. I see enough of the darkness this world is capable of in real life. I don't need this dead horse beaten in fiction.

I'm sure Krasinski is just aces in this role. But sadly I'll never know.
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Tom Clancy is rolling over in his grave
stanton-edward1 September 2018
Huge Tom Clancy fan and had high expectations. As soon as I saw they made James Geer a Muslim, I checked out. F you, Hollywood.
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If you like Jack Ryan, Look Away
christiankhrmnn14 September 2018
I loved the Jack Ryan movies (omitting the Chris Pine one). They were detailed and the plot always seemed plausible. This show isn't smart. It's predictable and PC. It has a formulaic plot, and you can practically predict the dialogue.

Never written a review before, but this show was really disappointing.
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What is this garbage? Not Jack Ryan and not Tom Clancy
jaredscribner1 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
With all the marketing leading up to this series, I was really looking forward to it and wanted to like it. However, after watching only a few episodes, the word disappoinment doesn't even begin to sum it up. The more I reflect on these episodes, the worse it gets. It's tracking hard to pure garbage.

There are certain expectations/standards that come with the use of the names Jack Ryan and Tom Clancy. This series doesn't come close to meeting them. Tom Clancy would not approve.

This story is an overtly self righteous Hollywood politically correct hack. From the asinine PTSD UAV operator storyline to making Greer a Muslim and demoted station chief. It's a smoking turd of a story.

In addition, the producers must not have any military or tactical advisors working on this series. With every film/show it's fair to expect some liberties and viewers may have to suspend some amount of reality. But this has Clancy's name on it. We expect some common sense things to be done correctly and with a greater attention to detail. Have the producers and actors ever read a Clancy novel? It's incredibly sloppy. Examples include ignoring even the most basic military protocols (orders or defensive postures) and tactics (ex. apartment in Paris). The idea that a US outpost would take in and store "dead" bodies, especially after only a cursory viewing, is absurd. There are so many flaws to the entire thing that it's hard to capture them all.

If Amazon wants to produce this garbage, fine. Just don't put the names Jack Ryan or Tom Clancy to it.
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What happened to entertainment?
tomcrea-812321 September 2018
I watched 2 episodes, and I've thrown in the towel. What is this?!! This isn't Jack Ryan, this is a psy-op! The narrative being pushed isn't even subtle, its straight up propaganda. It's as if the Muslim Brotherhood wrote the script themselves. What happened to entertainment? Cant we just have a fun show to watch without some agenda being pushed? This is wrong!
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baseballbum-458451 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A watered-down, pandering version of Tom Clancy's most popular character. John Krasinski is a decent selection to play the titular character. He did ok. However, it might have helped if he had received more than 40% of screen time and had not been re-written as a quasi-Jason Bourne. Wendell Pierce's Jim Greer is the one thing trying to hold the production together, the acting performance. He, like everyone else, is making up for substandard writing. Abbie Cornish is forgetful as Cathy Mueller, Ryan's future wife. The locations were decent. But it feels like it is all making up for a severely bland and lacking plot/writing. I was half-surprised to see Carlton Cuse as one of the co-creators. The convoluted story structure is reminiscent of 'Lost.' (Unresolved story tangents, meandering arcs that lead nowhere, and so on. Seriously, WTF was the point of anything the drone pilot/"Tombstone" did?). If you enjoy clever storytelling, this really is not for you. If you want to eat popcorn and ignore plot holes, knock yourself out.
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Nothing like the Tom Clancy's books.
fireadjusterryan3 September 2018
Amazon takes a conservative American author and turns his works into a attempt at political correctness and smut. What a waste for something that could of had potential.
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