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Sex & Nudity

  • S1E2: (Approximately 33:15-34:30) Man and woman have sex on bed. Sounds and sexual movements. Woman's bare buttocks are seen as well as side breasts.
  • S1E3: (Approximately 18:00-20:00) One scene portrays a man and woman having sex on a couch, with explicit nudity lasting less than a minute. The man is clothed and seated with the topless woman sitting facing him. He kisses and fondles the woman's breasts as she moves rhythmically on top of him, both breathing heavily and making sexual noises. They are both aware of a man in the room watching them have sex.
  • S1E4: (Approximately 36:35-36:45) Man and woman have sex on a couch, bare breasts are shown.
  • S1E6: (Approximately 15:25-15:40; 16:00-16:05) Breasts of prostitutes in brothel are clearly visible through fishnet clothing.
  • S1E4: (Approximately 29:15-29:27) A man's bare buttocks are seen as he showers.
  • There is a scene in which a woman's bare buttocks are shown
  • The scene on the couch is not brief but prolonged.
  • S1E8: In episode 8 there is a scene in the morgue where the two dead males on the tables are shown fully nude with genitals showing for a moment.

Violence & Gore

  • E1: Bloody bodies and facial disfigurement at black site


  • At least 6 F*** spoken in the first episode. Numerous others as well.
  • Frequent misuses of "Jesus" and "Christ".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • For its TV-MA rating, it is definitely the most mature and grittiest adaptation of the "Jack Ryan" storyline. Substantially more graphic and vulgar than any season of "24" or other adapted Tom Clancy material
  • TV-MA for strong bloody violence, graphic images, language throughout, sexuality, nudity, and drug use

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